HIT Workshop

A HIT workshop is a great idea.

Why? Because there is a high risk of injury in this advanced level class as you are expected to perform complex movements with weights, kettlebells and other equipment. Therefore you need to spend time learning and practising these movements under the supervision of your coach in order to avoid serious injury and to ensure you get the most of these short, sharp and intense workouts.

In the HIT Workshop you will learn and practise the following movements:

  • Air Squat
  • Barbell Back Squat and Front Squat
  • Barbell, Kettlebell and Medicine Ball Cleans
  • Barbell and Kettlebell Push Press
  • Barbell and Kettlebell Thruster
  • Deadlift
  • Barbell and Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Kettlebell Snatch

HIT workshops run for 90 mins and cost $79.

Contact us for further information.