Why Train With Us?

Dynamic Boxing is all about getting fit in a fun, group environment. We are locals of Balwyn and surrounding areas like Greythorn, Kew, East Kew, North Balwyn, Bulleen, Doncaster and Templestowe. At Dynamic Boxing you will find down-to-earth, friendly people who together create a community that becomes like a second home to our members.

A lot of people think you need to be fit to start and that couldn't be further from the truth. You don't have to be fit to start...you just need to start to get fit! On that note, here's...

6 Great Reasons Why You Should Train With Us!

#1 Our Classes Are Suitable For Everyone

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Every class on our timetable is suitable for all fitness and ability levels, all shapes and sizes. This is because every drill is scaleable, any exercise can be modified to accommodate, and our drills are based on time intervals rather than reps. You can choose from our entire timetable with confidence so you can stop worrying about 'holding others back' and concentrate on your own goals!

#2 We Are Not Into Bulking People Up

Think of a boxer's physique. Lean and strong, great muscle definition...without the bulk. Our classes tone you up, strengthen your core, and help you shed body fat to reveal shapely, firm arms and the definition in your 6 pack that you've always wanted!

#3 Inspiration And Motivation Is What We Do Best

We get many people coming to us who are disillusioned with the gym. Let's face it, sometimes the gym can be so uninspiring and it's hard to find the motivation you need to train effectively on your own. That's why group fitness is the focus at Dynamic Boxing. A group generates an amazing energy and atmosphere that makes you excited to work harder than you would on your own. Our inspirational instructors know your name and they will use it! They know just what to say to get you giving 110% and loving every sweaty moment. In group fitness you don't need to create your own motivation. We do it for you! All you need to do is just show up...and then less than an hour later, you are done and are moving on with your day with energy and focus!

# 4 Our Classes Burn Body Fat And Build Lean Muscle Fast

Our classes burn as much as 500 calories per session. All our classes whether boxing or equipment based are built on the principle of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – the number 1 most effective form of training for making dramatic fitness and strength gains in the least amount of training time. It also happens to be one of the best forms of training for reducing body fat levels due to a phenomenon known as the ‘afterburn’ effect. 

The ‘afterburn effect’ is a state in which your body experiences elevated caloric consumption while it undergoes an intensive recovery phase. This afterburn effect can last up to 48 hours post exercise. Typical cardio exercise does not have this post training calorie burning effect.

This increase in metabolic rate, where you burn more calories doing nothing, makes our training second to none for fat loss.

#5 Variety Is The Spice Of Life

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Say goodbye to boring workouts! At Dynamic Boxing you'll never get the same workout twice. This is so important because doing the same thing day in day out causes your progress to plateau out. You need variety in your workouts and in the terrain you train on to challenge your muscles in different ways. This constant variety in stimulation means your body can't adapt and it continues to improve. That's why we have a range of different training styles on our timetable and why we train indoors and outdoors. We want you to keep getting fitter and stronger and we want to keep your mind stimulated too so you don't get bored. Not getting bored means you are more likely to stick to your routine long-term.

#6 We Love Kids

At Dynamic Boxing we are a kid-friendly zone! In fact most of the members are parents with young families so it makes sense to have our kids with us because that might be the only way we can get our training done! We believe in parents setting examples for their children that an active healthy lifestyle is a priority. So bring along your little ones! Keep them entertained with games and activities while you do your thing!

Come join us today. You won't regret it! Click the button below to contact us for a free trial: