Timetable & Classes

Every class on our timetable is suitable for all fitness and ability levels, all shapes and sizes. This is because every drill is scaleable, any exercise can be modified to accommodate, and our drills are based on time intervals rather than reps. You can choose from our entire timetable with confidence so you can concentrate on getting fit and strong!

Group Fitness Classes Descriptions



A cardio-based boxing fitness class where every session is different so you don't get bored or plateau out with your fitness and weight loss progress.

Intense Boxing

In this one we reduce rest time between drills and up the intensity. The result is superior fitness gains and a massive calorie burn that literally melts body fat!

Power 30

Total body strength and conditioning in 30 minutes. High Intensity equipment based class. Power through a fast and furious session where you will get fitter, faster and stronger in the least amount of time.

Power 45

A 45 minute extended version of Power 30. This equipment based class will truly challenge you. Build your endurance to high intensity training while shredding body fat and increasing your lean muscle mass and strength.



This 45 minute class combines the best of both worlds of strength & conditioning training and boxing. Involving an intense mix of equipment and activities to boost your metabolic rate, keep you burning calories for longer, and get you fit, fast!

Boxing Technique Workshop

In this session you will learn how to punch properly and hold pads to reduce your risk of injury so you can get the most out of your membership with us.
It eliminates newbie worries like ‘holding back your partner’ or ‘letting your partner down’ from not holding pads correctly, so you can train with confidence.

1 HR MegaClass

Gear up for a sweatfest every Sunday morning with our 1 hour MegaClass! This highly varied class will keep your muscles guessing and will maximise your fitness and strength gains. Highly recommended and with a great atmosphere - a high energy member favourite!

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