How To Stay Trim & Slim Over The Holidays


The end of year holidays are a much looked forward to time of year. It is a time when people get together with friends, family and co-workers to eat and drink and celebrate a good year. Due to this festive season, most people find it hard to maintain their weight. Unhealthy foods and snacks are plenty during the holidays and controlling yourself can be difficult. Therefore, there are a few measures that you should put into place to keep that trim and slim figure.

1. Make A Commitment ASAP

Attitude is a huge contributor to weight gain during the holiday season. This season centers on eating and drinking well, so maintaining a slim figure will require a strict attitude. You must remind yourself that you need to eat healthy foods and continue to exercise. Precaution is better than having to deal with the weight you have gained later on. Committing to a diet that keeps you from gaining weight will save you from having to work to lose it later.

2. Eat At Home

It is important to eat at home as much as possible. Try not to change your diet but keep consistent and healthy. Incorporate whole foods, grains, lots of proteins and healthy fats into your diet and of course plenty of water. In order to reduce your sugar intake, try to avoid sodas and mix spirits with soda water or tonic water rather than sweet mixers. By doing the above, you will greatly reduce your calorie intake.

3. Plan Ahead

Parties cannot be avoided during the holiday season and therefore you need to plan ahead. Eating healthy foods or meals before going out can greatly reduce your urge to eat unhealthy foods. When you are at an event choose the fruits and vegetables on offer, so that you don’t do much snacking later on.

Another trick is to brush your teeth before going out so that mentally this will stop you from wanting to eat more.

4. Maintain Exercise

You may be tempted to stop exercising and to relax instead. However when you stop exercising and start eating more, this is a sure way to weight gain. Even if you can’t get to the gym continue to walk, run, jog, cycle, swim, play games with the kids or exercise at home. The more exercise you do the more you can eat and drink. Just remember that if you eat more calories than you are burning, you will gain weight.

Laska Varkaris
Trainer and Body Transformations Coach
Dynamic Boxing Fitness 

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