How To Recover From The Easter Hangover


It’s the Tuesday after the long weekend. You slump at your desk, tired, bloated and irritated wondering how the hell you’re going to make it through the week. A least it’s a short one! Your best efforts to stay healthy over the long weekend failed miserably and now you’re feeling the after effects. It’s like a big night out without the big night out.

Nevertheless, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. You can get back on track quickly and easily, while avoiding future blowouts. Just follow these 5 steps and recite to yourself 10 times “I will never subject myself to the evil doings of the Easter Bunny ever again”


The first thing you have to do is let it go. The past is the past and there ain’t nothing you can do about changing it. Acceptance goes along way in helping you get back on track. Most people feel so bad and guilty about their diet blow out that they never actually do anything about it. Remember a bad weekend is not going to undo all your good work. Don’t use it as an excuse to totally drop the ball.


Go to the pantry right now and dump any half eaten bunny heads or Kinder surprises with the surprise taken out. Usually temptation left in sight will be consumed and turn your long weekend binge into a long month binge.


Get back on track and allow your gut to heal with good, clean nourishing food. Keep it light and go big on the leafy greens. They'll provide you high levels of much needed antioxidants to mop up the chemical mess left in your body after too much sugar and alcohol, as well as fibre. Drink at least 3L of water to help flush out toxins.


Get back into exercise ASAP! The longer you delay it the harder it will be to get started again. Go for a walk in nature, hit the gym, get back into a class, whatever you enjoy doing the most. Workouts we enjoy are much easier to get back into that than harder ones.


Our words have a huge impact on our wellbeing as well as having a physical effect on our bodies. Watch the chatter that’s going on in your mind. “Its too hard to start” “I’ll never be able to lose this weight”, “I just can’t be bothered anymore”. Spend some time really listening to what you’re telling your body. Your body and your mind are listening to these thoughts and creating your reality. Try changing the direction of your chatter. Tell a different story or visualise yourself getting back into it fast. It may seem hard in the beginning but with practice you can use this Jedi mind trick to stop letting your thoughts weigh you down.


Laska Varkaris
Trainer and Body Transformations Coach
Dynamic Boxing Fitness 

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