Tips For Getting Back Into Your Fitness Routine After The Holidays


The start of the year is one of the best times of year, but it is also one of the hardest. It is that time when you have to transition from holiday mode to work mode, plus deal with a few extra kilos. We can’t go on living in holiday mode forever, even though we might wish to. So to help you ease back into work mode DBF has compiled a few of our favourite tips for getting back into the fitness routine.

1. Get Out Your Diary

It’s time to get organised and start scheduling and creating a routine. There is no routine in holiday mode, so you should write down everything new in your 2018 diary. When you plan to exercise. When you plan to go food shopping. The time you want to go to bed and wake up. The time you plan to spend with family and friends. And lastly the times you plan to attend Dynamic Boxing Fitness Classes – see schedule here.

2. Set New Goals

Few year means new goals. What do you plan to achieve this year? Get fit? Lose weight? Gain muscle? Run a marathon? The year has just started and there is so much time to achieve everything you have always wanted to. Set both short and long term goals. 
There are qualitative and quantitative goals. Try to set quantitative goals that can easily be tracked by a number. This could be run 5km, lose 2kg or eat 3 pieces of fruit daily. Qualitative goals are harder to track because they are based on a feeling. They could include goals like have more energy or work harder in the gym.

3. Clean Out Your Environment

It’s time to clean our your environment of all holiday food and drink. Get rid of anything processed in the house including left over cake, alcohol, lasagna, lollies, chocolate etc. Either give it away or throw it out because temptation around the house is only going to lead to one thing – binging. You should also clean out your car and work space.

4. Build A Healthy Environment

Now it’s time to re-stock and build a healthy environment. Go food shopping and fill your home with fruits and vegetables and lots of whole foods. Avoid processed foods and baked goods. Keep healthy snacks in your office draw including teas, muesli bars and nuts. Don’t storage anything processed but if you want to have a treat, then purchase it on the day.

5. Take It Slow

Don’t jump into anything drastic like working out 5 times a week. This will only lead to burning out or an injury. So take it slow. Each week add another 20 minutes of exercise or an additional day. Write your new fitness routine in your 2018 diary and stick to it.

Laska Varkaris
Trainer and Body Transformations Coach
Dynamic Boxing Fitness 

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