Dynamic OCR Now Officially Registered With Spartan Gyms


Dynamic OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) spearheaded by Dynamic Boxing trainer Adam Stayfer is now officially part of the Spartan Gyms Program. The Spartan Gyms Program is offered to organizations that offer Spartan Race focused training. It's designed to support those organisations with Spartan training content and generally encourages enthusiasm for participation in Spartan Races.

Dynamic Boxing Fitness trainer Adam Stayfer has crawled, climbed and grunted his way through a number of OCR events and he is always preparing for the next one.
He has well and truly swallowed the Spartan pill and is looking forward to the next opportunity to Spartan Up! The only training he does is OCR specific.
Adam runs Dynamic OCR training sessions at Dynamic Boxing every Sunday morning at 7am. Each session is like a mini-Spartan race. OCR activities are delivered in a supervised circuit format for a challenging, OCR-realistic workout. So if you want to quickly develop confidence, ability and race readiness then don't hesitate to join Adam at next Sunday's session.

Dynamic OCR is a race preparation focused training program.
Gearing up for a Mud Run or looking for a challenging way to shake up the way you work out?  
The best way to get ready for your next, or first Tough Mudder, Muddy Hell or Spartan Race, is to train the way you will race… Climb. Crawl. Pull. Run. Lift. Repeat. Dynamic OCR will prepare you for your next challenge on, or off the course. The Dynamic OCR approach is fun, functional and innovative.
I’ve created this preparation and training organization so I can share my enthusiasm for OCR with other like minded mudders who are looking for a place to train and exchange ideas. There are some fantastic OCR training toys at the Dynamic OCR facility in North Balwyn and my approach to training that delivers HIIT with an OCR specific focus will get you race ready whether you’re in it for fun or competition.

- Adam Stayfer

Member Manish recently participated in a training session and loved it. He and the other participants say ..."completing a session is so satisfying and it's so good to know I can improve my racing ability in such a short time!"

Member Manish getting his racing ability on...and having fun while doing it!

Member Manish getting his racing ability on...and having fun while doing it!

Manish OCR.jpg

The next Spartan Race is Feb 24th. Train for the race, or train to try something new! To participate in Sunday morning OCR training, contact Adam directly on 0402 635 880 or email him here: astayfer@yahoo.com.au

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