5 Signs It’s Time To Break Up With Your Personal Trainer


It’s hard enough to find a personal trainer that you click with and are on the same page with. But what happens when your trainer is no longer meeting your expectations? Your relationship with your personal trainer can break down over time, just like any other type of relationship.

Here are 5 possible signs it might be time to part ways:

  1. You’re not seeing results. Your muscles adapt to doing the same exercises all the time, so changing your program every few weeks is essential. If you’re not making progress, it may be time to find a more challenging trainer.
  2. Your trainer pushes you too hard. Being pushed past your physical limits is not only unsafe, but it could make you hate exercise if you associate it with feeling sick or nauseated. If your workout leaves you injured, perpetually sore, or overly exhausted, ask your trainer to modify the routine or find a new trainer who will respect your limits but still challenge you in a safe way.
  3. Your workout isn’t customized for you. What’s right for your trainer’s other clients isn’t necessarily right for you. You and your requirements are unique so your exercise program should be tailored to fit your particular fitness level and goals. If your trainer doesn’t tweak a program to fit your goals and your current fitness and ability level, then it’s time to find a new trainer.
  4. Your trainer tries to sell you things. Does your trainer explain that there is no substitute for good, clean, natural food? Or do they encourage you to buy specific supplements or products? If your trainer is pushy about you using a particular item and pressures you to buy, that might be a sign that he or she is making a commission off the sale.
  5. Your trainer is unprofessional. If your trainer puts you down, shows up late, holds conversations on his phone (or with other people) during your session, cancels your workouts with little notice, or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, then it’s time to make a break.

If you’re looking for a great personal trainer who ticks all the boxes, contact us at Dynamic Boxing. We take pride in providing the best tailored-to your-needs PT sessions possible so that you can achieve your long-term fitness goals.

Laska Varkaris
Trainer and Body Transformations Coach
Dynamic Boxing Fitness 

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