1: What does a typical Boxing class include?

Our boxing classes contain all 5 elements necessary to achieve maximum results in minimum time:

  • Warm Up – A thorough warmup incorporating dynamic stretching, skipping, running and bodyweight work will prepare your body for intense physical activity and help prevent injury.
  • Boxing Training – The boxing is what it’s all about! Get ready to sweat up a storm, burn massive calories and get your heart rate sky high with a solid 30 minutes of non-stop boxing skill work, stationary and moving boxing combinations, speed punching and time drills with bodyweight exercises thrown into the mix for good measure. Working with a partner, a group of 3 or the whole class, the combinations and permutations are endless…and that’s why you’ll keep coming back for more week after week after week!
  • Body Weight Training –In our boxing classes, you’ll use your own bodyweight as resistance when you perform muscle, bone and core strengthening exercises like pushups, pull ups, squats, lunges and burpees. The end result is that you work your body evenly all over, including the bits that could get a little neglected like the pulling muscles in women and the lower body. And if you’re stronger all over, you know what that means – harder punches and a greater work output so you can burn more calories and get even more out of your workouts!
  • Abdominal Work – A strong core is where it all begins. A strong core supports your lower back and stabilizes your body when you box. We dedicate some time in each class to focus on core strengthening exercises…and you’ll work some of those vanity muscles as well like your six-pack and obliques. Who doesn’t want a six pack right?
  • Stretching – Stretching while warm at the end of a class will help to relax tight muscles and improve the flexibility of your tendons and plays a role in future injury prevention. Feel those endorphins as you relax into your stretches – you’ll finish your session on a high!

2: How quickly will I see results?

This depends on you! However, if you attend boxing classes regularly, and follow our nutrition tips and advice you will love the results you get. Click here to see examples of people just like you who are walking, talking proof that our programs really work.

3: Are the classes suitable for everyone? What if I’m unfit or can’t run?

Dynamic Boxing Fitness classes are for everyone regardless of age, ability or fitness level!
If you haven’t trained for a while we always recommend you build up slowly over the course of 2 week period before going out harder to avoid excessive post-exercise muscular soreness and injury. In a few short weeks you’ll look back and be amazed at the level of fitness and strength you will have gained.
At Dynamic Boxing Fitness our first priority is to ensure that you are able to achieve your goals safely and effectively within a group training environment. Classes have the flexibility to cater for your individual needs and requirements by the omission, or substitution of unsuitable exercises or modifying an exercise to make it safer for you. Your trainer has been carefully selected over dozens of other applicants because of their years of experience and ability to think on their feet so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

4: Where is the venue?

The 1st North Balwyn Scout Hall in Balwyn North is a spacious, well equipped venue in the heart of Macleay Park. Our classes take place indoors, outdoors or both. With gorgeous Macleay Park at our doorstep, we take every advantage of all facilities available to us to provide you with a highly varied, fun workout that you’ll love.
There is plenty of car parking available and no parking meters to feed.

5: Do I need to bring any equipment?

No. All you need are runners and regular workout gear that you can freely move in as well as a sweat towel and water bottle.
You will need to purchase a pair of quick-wraps from us as they are a minimum protection requirement for participating in our classes. For hygiene reasons we do recommend you purchase your own gloves and focus pads and we have premium quality equipment available onsite at outstanding prices, for you to purchase. Just ask the trainer on duty to advise.

6: Are the classes expensive?

Not at all. Our memberships are capped at $39 per week for UNLIMITED classes. That works out to around $13 per class if you do 3 classes per week, and even less if you do more. That’s outstanding value for group fitness by anyone’s standards.
If you’re looking at doing our classes on a casual basis, then a 10 pass card at $226 is the best way to go.
Click to view our pricing plans.

7: What age do I have to be to do boxing classes?

The minimum age to do our classes is 16. 

8: How do I get started?

To get started you’ll need to book in your first class by contacting us via the Contact Us form of this website or booking in a phone chat. During our phone chat, we'll discuss:

  1. Goal Analysis & Action Plan: During this process we will dive into the difficulties that you face when trying to get in shape. We will assess what is wrong and will then devise a step by step action plan that you can begin to implement to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be with your health and fitness goals
  2. Health Screen & Assessment: We will discuss and assess your current fitness and ability level and provide you with the best course of action to proceed with for successful integration into the classes of your choice, and allowing our trainers to work with you to take you to the next level.
  3. Orientation: We’ll show you the ropes and explain how things work at Dynamic.
  4. Whether you need a Boxing Technique Lesson for your safety and that of our paying members. This lesson is normally valued at $65 (it's a PT session) but we offer it to newbies for just $29.
  5. Which classes are best for your trial so you can get the best experience possible for your fitness and ability level.

Then we'll set you up with an account so you can continue to book classes beyond your trial.

At Dynamic Boxing Fitness we can talk your head off about how important it is to strike while the iron is hot and your motivation levels are high. In fact, we think you’re crazy if you don’t give it a go after checking out our website. Just in case you need a bit more of a push read our Top 10 Benefits of Boxing – 10 more fantastic reasons why you should get your free trial going.

9: How do I arrange Personal Training?

Our trainers are highly qualified and have the necessary experience to take you on regardless of your pre-existing injuries, illnesses, and your current fitness level. Activities are scaled to your ability so that you can train at a level that is safe, yet results producing….and most importantly be fun so you will keep coming back week after week for more!
To book a PT session with one of our trainers, contact us here and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

10: What is your refund policy on memberships?

Under no circumstances is a member entitled to a refund or credit for Direct Debit AutoPay payments. At Dynamic Boxing Fitness, we do not have long-term lock-in contracts and you can cancel or suspend at any time after the minimum period with 7 days notice by email only.
Under no circumstances is a member entitled to a refund or credit for a Fixed Term Membership. Memberships cannot be transferred to another person nor can they be used as credit for other services.
Further terms and conditions apply.

11: When do 10 Class Passes expire and what is your refund policy on these?

10 Class Passes expire when all 10 sessions have been used, or when 12 weeks elapses after purchase; whichever comes first.
Remaining sessions on an expired 10 Class Pass cannot be redeemed in any way or exchanged for credit.
We do not offer refunds or credit for 10 Class Passes.
Further terms and conditions apply.

12: By when do I have to use a Drop-In Session and what is your refund policy on these?

Drop-in sessions must be used within 14 days of purchase. Under no circumstances are you entitled to a refund or credit on drop-in sessions.
Further terms and conditions apply.

13: What is your refund policy on boxing equipment?

Faulty items can be returned for refund in as-new condition in the original packaging and include your receipt, packaging and packaging materials. Please be aware that due to health and hygiene regulations, we cannot exchange or refund any items that have been worn.
Further terms and conditions apply.