Class Descriptions

Every class on our timetable is suitable for all fitness and ability levels, all shapes and sizes. This is because every drill is scaleable, any exercise can be modified to accommodate, and our drills are based on time intervals rather than reps. You can choose from our entire timetable with confidence so you can concentrate on getting fit and strong!



A cardio-based boxing fitness class where every session is different so you don't get bored or plateau out with your fitness and weight loss progress.

Intense Boxing

In this one we reduce rest time between drills and up the intensity. The result is superior fitness gains and a massive calorie burn that literally melts body fat!

Power 30

Get strong in just 30 minutes. Power through a challenging equipment based class focused on heavier lifts. Shred body fat while you build strength and increase lean muscle.


Power 45

A 45 minute variation of Power 30. This equipment based class focused on heavier lifts will truly challenge you. Shred body fat while you build your strength and increase your lean muscle mass with Strength & Powerlifting Coach Chris Bedarov.


This 45 minute class combines the best of Metabolic Conditioning training and Boxing. Involving an intense mix of equipment based exercises & boxing, this class will boost your metabolic rate, keep you burning calories for longer, and get you fit, fast!

1 HR MegaClass

Gear up for a sweatfest every Sunday morning with our 1 hour MegaClass! This highly varied class will keep your muscles guessing and will maximise your fitness and strength gains. Highly recommended and with a great atmosphere - a high energy member favourite!



Circuit training allows you to fit a huge variety of movements into your workout - meaning a full body challenge that is fresh and exciting every time. WARNING: Metabolism and mood-boosting effects are a side-effect of this training! 


Get fitter, faster and stronger in the least amount of time! In this fast-paced and intense workout we use a range of equipment in a circuit format to target all major muscle groups in a variety of ways. The end result is total body conditioning delivered in a time efficient manner.

1/2HR Boxing Circuit

Boxing Circuit is a fast paced cir­cuit with a boxing flavour designed to improve your strength and fit­ness. A great mix of car­dio, core strength, resis­tance work and some boxing too. Lots of fun and a good stress relief.



The session that makes fitness fun! Bootcamp is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. The aim is to provide a challenging whole-body workout that burns calories, gets you strong and creates a great team dynamic you'll love.

Bootcamp Express

We deliver serious results. Bootcamp Express offers a high energy blast of varied exercise aimed at achieving individual physical fitness goals, cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and excess body fat loss in just 30 minutes!

Hour Of Power

This advanced class takes Metabolic Conditioning and Boxing to the next level. Expect to train at a very high work rate using exercises that blend strength and cardiovascular effort together. This class supercharges your fitness, endurance and strength gains and literally melts your excess body fat!

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