28 Day Kickstart

Is Your Body In Need Of A Quick Kickstart?

Start When YOU Are Ready!

Year after year, I have people come to me wanting to get last minute bikini bodies: but they’ve left it too late to achieve the goals they want. Don’t make that same mistake! The time to start is NOW! It’s not too late to look forward to feeling lighter, happier and more energetic…so don’t resign yourself to another holiday spent covering up just yet! What you need is just that little KICKSTART to get you going. A 28 DAY KICKSTART to get you back to feeling excited about health and fitness again!

My 28 DAY KICKSTART program begins when you need it to! You will receive the Dynamic Boxing TRIPLE THREAT…Triple Threat to body fat that is!…of delicious, healthy and sustainable nutrition, fun and results-producing workouts and the face-to-face accountability you need to make it happen.

If you need a kickstart, I would love to work with you.


Is the Kickstart Program right for me?

This program is suitable for you if:

  • You have a small amount of weight to lose
  • You previously lost weight on one of my programs and just feel that some of the bad habits from your ‘old’ life are starting to sneak back in
  • You’re usually really good, but a holiday, winter hibernation or a stressful period in your life derailed you a little, and you just…
  • Need accountability and a guiding hand to get you back into the swing of healthy eating and happy exercising.


The 28 Day Kickstart doesn’t need to have a specific start date. You can do it whenever you feel you need it.

Here’s what you get:

  • Preparatory Induction Session before the program starts so you are prepped and ready to go with guns blazing from day 1.
  • 4 Weekly Weigh-Ins and Mentoring Sessions with me at my North Balwyn facility during which I will provide you with personalised coaching to ensure your success
  • Before and After Body Composition Scans to track your progress scientifically and accurately
  • Personalised Diet Plans to help you burn fat faster and optimise your weight loss results
  • Unrestricted life-time access to our extensive portion controlled recipe library full of delicious, easy-to-prepare, family friendly meals
  • Mindset Coaching throughout to upgrade your thinking and get you back in control over food, NOT food controlling you
  • The Facebook Support Group and Lessons Arena will give you all the support and encouragement you need to get there.


It works like this:

We meet up before we begin the program for an initial preparatory consultation in which you get weighed get a body scan done so we can see how you are looking on the inside. During this initial consultation you’ll receive diet plans and an individualised workout program where required as well as your first lot of nutrition coaching.

You will keep a food diary every day whilst on the program. Once a week over the next 4 weeks, you will meet with me for a weigh-in and diary check. This ensures things are going according to plan and tweaks to your diet or exercise program will be made if required.

Nutrition coaching occurs at every weekly consultation and during the last 2 weeks we focus on preparing you for the real world and maintenance of your results beyond the program.

At your final consultation you’ll get weighed for the last time and have a final body scan done. You’ll be amazed how even the loss of a few kilos can make you look good not only on the outside, but the inside too. This is motivation enough to keep you going with your healthy eating and exercise and part of ensuring your new habits become a permanent lifestyle change.


Kim Edey

Kim lost 2.5kg and her body fat dropped from 30.5% to 26.6% whilst gaining 200gm of lean muscle tissue.

“Even though I knew what I had to do, I was falling off the bandwagon a bit with holidays and just letting some bad habits creep in. The 28 Day Kickstart under the direct accountability of Laska was just what I needed to get back my healthy habits and routines.”



Hayley lost 3.6kg and her body fat percentage dropped from 33.6% to 28.5%…and she gained 700gm of muscle!

“I didn’t think with my busy social life that I would be able to achieve the results I did! It just goes to show what a difference being consistently mindful in making better choices, exercising and planning ahead can make!”



Shauna lost 3.5kg and dropped her body fat levels from 26% to 22% whilst maintaining her lean muscle mass.

“I can’t believe my body composition could change that much in just 28 days! And I didn’t have to change my whole life around to get these amazing changes. Real food, portion size and timing, and realistic exercise is something that I can keep doing because it’s so simple to do.”

If you’re ready to kickstart your body, sign up today to get started!