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Wendy’s Amazing 19kg Story

See how Wendy said goodbye to 19kg and counting!

Wendy desperately needed to make a change. Fast forward 16 weeks over 2 rounds of the Body Transform and she has transformed herself physically and mentally and is feeling on top of the world! Her incredible energy shines through her whole story. Read her story in her own words plus see her amazing results and pics!

After 2 rounds of the Body Transform Wendy dropped 19kg, and shed 22cm from her waist! Wow!
Her body fat levels dropped from 47.3% to a far more manageable 39.5%.
Wendy continues to steadily move towards her ideal body weight, and because of the time that has spent on the program under my guidance, she has honed the skills in her mindset toolkit and had the time she needed to really ingrain her new healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will help her keep going.

Physically and mentally, Wendy is a new person. See how she has changed below and read her story.

Wendy’s Story:

“Laska I can’t believe how easy it was for me to shed 19kg! I didn’t think I was capable of losing 5kg let alone 19kg.
I’m shopping for new clothes because the old ones are just swimming on me. I’ve inspired my two daughters to follow suit and now they are packing their own snacks to take shopping with them and instead of eating from the food court, we just sit down with a coffee and enjoy our snacks. Our own food is so much nicer!
I’ve learned that it’s not about deprivation – it’s not about going 110% percent and saying no to everything. That’s not possible and it just leads to binge eating. Instead I can now go out and enjoy a social event and have a drink and make the best food choices out of what is available and still lose weight. It makes me feel like I’m living and a part of it all. I understand it’s about progress not perfection and I think that’s what makes the difference – I feel empowered, I’m giving myself permission to enjoy a special event and that gives me control.
One of the biggest things for me … and it might sound silly but it’s a massive big deal for me is that losing this weight has changed me psychologically. I found that I can now cope and deal with issues I’ve buried for the last 5 years.
I’d been through a tough separation and my ex has had his issues with suicidal depression and it was all just too much to cope with the last 5 years. But now I feel strong and I can deal with it all.
Recently, I sat down with boxes stacked high to the ceiling. And I went through the last 5 years of my tax returns. I can’t tell you how much lighter my burdens now feel. Like I said it might sound silly but it’s been a massive thing for me to have found the strength to deal with this.
And all because I realised through this program that I am capable of taking control of my body and my nutrition. I am stronger than I thought and I can do this!
Thankyou so much Laska for coming into my life, showing me the way, and for all that you have done xx”


Thanks so much for sharing your story Wendy, I loved working with you and helping you through your journey – it’s the reason why I love my job so much. I know you are loving your new lifestyle and you are setting an amazing example for your family!

And remember, if Wendy can do it… SO CAN YOU!

PS If you would like to start your very own Body Transform journey like Wendy, please click here to find out more.


Love your body,

Laska, Body Transformation Coach.

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