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The Nuts And Bolts Of A Dynamic Body Transform Challenge

Our Body Transform Challenges are so successful because of the 3 Critical Elements that only Dynamic Boxing can deliver:

1. Accountability in bucketloads
2. Nutrition education because it’s important to “Know the WHY so you are more likely to DO”
3. Fun workouts that get you results

But how does the challenge actually work?

I get this question a lot so here goes…let’s get to the nuts and bolts of how a challenge actually works:

Step 1. Initial Consultation

It begins with making an appointment for a one-on-one 45 minute consultation BEFORE the start of the challenge. During this consultation you will have your weight, measurements and before photos taken. We discuss your goals and how you will achieve them. You are provided with your diet plans, exercise diary, and a free pair of quality boxing gloves to get you going. And you are given your first lot of nutrition coaching covering the nutritional premises that the challenge is based on. The purpose of this consultation is to ensure you know exactly what to do and so you are prepared and organized to start the challenge on day 1 with guns blazing.

Step 2. Weekly Regular Weigh-Ins

Once a week over the course of the challenge you will see me for your regular weigh-in. During these weekly consultations I will weigh you in order to monitor your progress and ensure things are going in the right direction. I will analyse your food diary to check you are eating correctly to ensure your ongoing weight loss and to identify and eliminate any eating behaviours that might be holding you back. Your tape measurements get taken at the start, middle and end of the challenge.

Step 3. Attend Key Events

You will be encouraged to attend key events held during the challenge including such as Fitness Benchmarks and the Nutrition Seminar which is rated by every challenger as being one of the most valuable components of the challenge.

Step 4. Burn Those Calories!

You will exercise most days of the week. You will use the Boxing and HIT sessions on the weekly timetable to burn calories and assist you in getting you results. The number of training sessions you need to do depends on your goals and this will be discussed during the initial consultation. You will aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps a day and having a pedometer to help you measure this is a great idea and a handy tool.

Step 5. Receive And Give Support

You’ll be invited to join the Dynamic 8 Week Body Transformations Facebook Support Group where I announce the goings-on during the challenge and provide lots of nutritional information. We use this closed group to swap recipes and to encourage and support one another so you get even better results.

Step 6. Wrapping It Up

Towards the end of the challenge we use our consultations to discuss ongoing weight loss or maintenance of your results and at the end you’ll get your after photos taken and your final tape measurements. You will also do your final fitness benchmarks on the last Sunday of the challenge so you can see just how far your fitness and strength has come along. Your before and after photos will be placed side-by-side and emailed to you. You’ll be so impressed with your results that it’s a huge incentive to stay on the straight and narrow!

Step 7. Receive Ongoing Accountability And Support

A unique feature of the Body Transform Challenge is that you can keep seeing me for ongoing weigh-ins and advice until you reach your goals. You’re welcome to stay in the Facebook Support Group so you can continue receiving new recipes and playing a part in the success of future challengers.
By the end of the 8 weeks, the healthy habits you will have picked up over the course of the challenge such as meal prep, being organized and prepared, and sound healthy eating will have become a habit so that you can carry on losing more weight if you need to or to maintain your goal weight.

Want to learn more? Try the Challenge Frequently Asked Questions or Register your interest here and a friendly Dynamic Boxing representative will contact you within 24 hours for a chat.

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