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The 5 Most Frequently Asked Newbie Questions

In this blog post I’m going to run through some frequently asked questions I get from newbies. If you’ve been thinking about giving our classes a try, these answers might persuade you to bite the bullet and come and join in the fun!

#1  What is the biggest fear that prevents most people from starting out doing boxing for fitness?

The biggest fear that most people have is being uncoordinated and also holding their partner back in class because they’re unfit.
At dynamic our classes cater for all fitness levels, all the way from complete beginners through to the super-fit. The trainers at dynamic are on the ball and will pair you up with another new person and together you can take the drills at your own pace. Every single drill is scaleable to your fitness and ability level.
What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to cater for all fitness levels within a class so that everyone gets an amazing workout and keeps coming back for more.

#2  Are the classes intimidating for beginners?

I guess they can be intimidating when attending for the first time – because it’s new and you don’t know what to expect. It might look like everyone knows what they’re doing and can keep up with the pace of our classes. But don’t worry, we’ll pair you up with another newbie so you can feel comfortable and go at your own pace and our trainers are on hand and on the ball to guide you through a terrific workout.
Dynamic members are so friendly and we pride ourselves for having created a close-knit community at Dynamic. All we want is for you to feel at ease and to keep coming back so you can get fitter and fitter. We want you to become a part of the dynamic family!

#3 If someone is overweight or unfit, will they still be able to keep up?

Absolutely. Our classes cater to all fitness levels, from completely new to fitness all the way through to the super-fit! In fact, many people come to us specifically because they want to lose weight. We run weight loss challenges all year round so you will meet and train with people who are in the same boat as you.

#4  Are the classes fun or just hard work?

I’d be lying if I said our classes were easy. We have a reputation for running pretty tough classes. Our classes are effective and get you results.
But you know what? Training hard feels easy when you’re having the time of your life! Our members stay with us year after year precisely because our classes are the perfect mix of physical challenge, variety and fun.

#5  What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying but is unsure if it’s for them?

If you’re thinking of trying our classes, stop thinking and pick up the phone to get your 7 Day Free Trial started. You get a whole week to try out as many classes as you like and there’s absolutely no obligation at the end. You have nothing to lose by coming down and having a go.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in our classes really soon!

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