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The 3 KEYS to Muscle Building


Every wanted to know the THREE KEYS of muscle building? These three keys will help you to unlock the pathway to your gains. As soon as you master these three keys, your fitness goals will be well within your reach.

➢ Key #1: Exercise
To build muscle of course you have to exercises with resistance. Resistance can either be bodyweight or weights. Exercise is what tears the muscle fibers and then in the repair process the muscle grows bigger and stronger. Resistance training ought to be the prime focus in any muscle building workout. Weight training increases strength, muscle size, weight loss and range of motion. Lean muscle is the most effective metabolism burning system for fat in the body. 

➢ Key#2: Nutrition

It is an obvious fact that exercise can’t do the job done alone. You also need a sound nutrition plan to build muscle. If you feed your muscles correctly then they will be building and growing so much quicker.

Nutrition needs to be a lifestyle not just something you endure. So maybe this will help:
1. Limit your sugar intake. 
2. Limit all simple carbs like white rice, white flour, pasta and potatoes. Most junk-food and snacks contain simple carbs so limit your intake. 
3. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables and around 20 to 50 grams of fibers every day.
4. Good fats like olive oil are healthy and include them in your daily diet.
5. Protein is the most important component to muscle building. You should consumer about 1g of protein per kg of body weight. Divide this by each of your meals. Try to eat lean meats like chicken, turkey and seafood. 
6. As for the diet, eat at least six times a day and drink two to four liters of water per day.

It’s that simple!

➢ Key#3: Rest & Recovery

Rest & recovery is one of the most overlooked keys of muscle building. Most people neglect R&R, yet it is arguably the biggest secret behind big gains. After a workout your body becomes temporarily weak. It is during the rest phase that it recovers and makes its gains. If you continue to exercise over sore muscles then there is no time for your muscle to repair and build. Overdoing it is just as harmful for your body and you could cause an injury. If you don’t rest, then you may suffer from muscle tears, strains, joint and bone problems, chronic fatigue and weakening of the immune system. You will be tearing your body down instead of building it up. So take time out from your workout routine and pamper yourself with some RnR.

These three keys are the secrets to unlocking the best you. For optimal gains train resistance, eat well and rest your body. Each key is just as important as the other. So follow these secrets and you will be on your way to big gains.

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