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Spring Cleaning – Time To Throw Out The Excuses

Spring. There is probably no other time during the year that motivates us to make a fresh start like spring does. When the sun starts to shine a little warmer and nature is reborn, we want to throw open the windows and go mad with the spring cleaning to revitalise our homes and our spirits.
Because it seems natural to clean out the old during this time of year, it’s a great time to come face to face with your excuses for not getting fit and healthy. Excuses pile up just like the clutter that we accumulate in our houses, but… it’s time to come clean.

What Is Your Excuse For Not Choosing Health?

Excuse: I Don’t Have The Time To Exercise
This is one of the most common excuses. You are busy. You have to work all day, you have to get the kids to school, you have to cook dinner, go to the supermarket, mow the lawn, change the oil in the car, care for your ageing parents—there is simply no time for exercise.
Consider this. If you don’t exercise, you will almost certainly begin experiencing the illness and disease that comes from an inactive lifestyle. When you begin experiencing symptoms, you will have to make an appointment with the doctor, drive to your appointment, wait to be seen, schedule additional tests at the hospital, and wait for your prescriptions to be filled at the pharmacy. And with chronic illness, this scenario will be played out month after month after month. And it takes a lot of time. Not to mention money.
Will you find the time in your busy life to see to your medical issues?
Yes, of course you will. You will make sure that you adjust your schedule and your life to accommodate your illness. So why not adjust your schedule now to accommodate the prevention of illness through exercise? You do have the time; you just have to decide to use it.

“The truth is that if you do not make the time for exercise, you will have to make time for illness.”

And exercise takes a lot less time out of your life than disease.

Excuse: I Don’t Like To Exercise
Again, a pretty common excuse. You’d best choose what you dislike the most. How much do you dislike feeling tired, lethargic, frustrated, self-conscious, being overweight, feeling puffed out running 30 m to catch the bus, can’t play with your kids as much as you’d like, avoiding stairs to take the escalator, having to undergo medical tests? Without exercise, you will feel all these things and more, so again…choose your ‘dislike.’
Exercise is uncomfortable at first when you are unaccustomed to it. It’s hard, you feel sore for days especially after the first session. But exercise also makes you feel amazing after as those endorphins circulate. It’s also a great stress release, helps you cope with pressure better, clears your head… and there’s nothing like the buzz you feel as you get fitter, stronger and start kicking some fitness goals.

Excuse: I Don’t Have The Energy To Exercise
If you are unfit, you likely have low energy. And when you don’t have much energy, the last thing you can imagine is exercising. But until you become more active, you will not have the energy you so long for. As you begin exercising, you will start having more energy. You won’t start feeling better until you start moving.

Excuse: It’s Just Not The Right Time To Start Working Out
I’ll start working out when…

⇒ I get some decent exercise clothes
⇒ Summer vacation starts
⇒ The kids go back to school
⇒ I get my house organised
⇒ Work lets up
⇒ I have more time
⇒ Life calms down
⇒ The kids get older
⇒ The weather warms up a little
⇒ The weather cools down a little
⇒ Someday…just not today

It will never be the perfect time to start a fitness routine.
You just have to start.

Surrender your excuses

Decide to stop hiding behind your excuses. Make a clean sweep and toss those excuses out. Everybody has excuses for not exercising. The fit and healthy people around you choose to give up the excuses and just do it. That doesn’t mean it is easy for them. It just means that they love feeling energetic, strong, healthy, and empowered enough to push in and get it done.
You can be that way too.

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