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Seeing Is Believing – The Power Of Visualisation

You might have heard the saying: “Visualisation Leads To Actualisation…”

Visualisation is an under-rated yet extremely powerful in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Visualisation is a time-tested, proven technique that involves focusing on positive mental images in order to achieve a particular goal. Visualisation is so powerful because it impacts your subconscious mind, and without you even realising it, you move forward in the direction of your thoughts.

Many of the most successful people in the world use the power of visualisation on a daily basis to achieve both personal and professional goals. For example, Mohammad Ali once said he was the greatest – and he said it way before he actually became the greatest. He said it, he believed it, and he became it!

So how do you create the right visualisation that inspires you?

The trick with visualisation…is to see yourself ALREADY there.

So if it’s your goal to lose weight and tone up, then picture yourself with the lighter, healthy and fit body you desire, and literally FEEL what it’s like to have it.

Spend a couple minutes every day visualising how you want your body to look and feel. Think deeply and take into account the following questions:
What are you wearing?
What are you doing?
Are you with anyone?
How exactly do you feel?
What is it about the way you look that is so appealing?
The more detailed the visualisation, the more real, the better.

Before I go over visualisation techniques, let’s quickly cover 4 tips to help you make the most of your visualisations:

Tip #1 Create a Vision Board of inspiring images and quotes that will get you emotionally involved when you look at it. Actively stop and spend a few minutes imagining what it’s like to look and feel like the images on your board. Let the goals and inspirational quotes you’ve got on there bring out the determination in you.

Tip #2 Create an Affirmation Statement that represents the new you – it could be “I am confident in everything I do and in all areas of my life” – “I am fit strong and healthy” – whatever you decide to write down needs to have meaning for you. You can put your affirmation statements on your vision board or write them down on a bit of paper that you can place somewhere where you will see it often like your bathroom mirror, car, desk, on your fridge or even in your pocket.

Tip #3 Turn Your Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones. Here’s an impressive statistic for you: Some studies show that more than 90% of our approximately 60,000-70,000 thoughts each day are negative, and most are the same as the previous day. Do these negative thought patterns impact on your ability to lose weight? You bet! These negative thought patterns create self-limiting beliefs that derail your chances of success. So next time you have a negative thought, or are stressed out, step back and think about it. Making negative subconscious thoughts conscious can snap you out of it and get you thinking more positively again.
Here are some examples of making a negative thought into a positive one:

⇒ Going to the gym for a tough workout is not a chore, but an opportunity to improve your body and your health.
⇒ You are not depriving yourself by asking for salad on the side instead of fries, you are improving your body and your health, getting one step closer to your visualisation.
⇒ The soreness you feel after a workout is not bad, it’s proof you had a good workout.
⇒ When you do a workout and find it hard and you feel uncoordinated and out of place is actually you pushing back the boundaries of your comfort zone and every time you do that, you get stronger and more confident.

Tip #4 You must Believe in your visualisation. Truly BELIEVE that it’s only a matter of time before the vision becomes reality.

So How Do You Visualise?

Darken the room. Lie down or sit comfortably and relax.
You can either have quiet surroundings or use appropriate music if you feel it helps you in your visualisation.
Put yourself in the right environment in your minds eye and start imagining. Get really involved, make it as real as possible. You should be able to feel your heartbeat elevate as the adrenaline starts to course through your body.
It’s a powerful thing because this is you tricking your mind into thinking its’ actually happening! That’s why it’s so powerful and it works. If you can trick your mind to make your body release adrenaline, then of course you can trick your mind into doing what it takes to succeed!

Example No.1: Improving your running, imagining a race

Where are you?
What are your surroundings like? Is it cold, hot windy?
Who else is with you – a friend, your trainer or team mates?
How do you feel? Nervous? Sick in the pit of your stomach?
Can you feel your heartbeat increase as the running drill is about to start?
You hear the whistle blow and you imagine yourself running. It feels easy and effortless and you are in the middle of the pack somewhere but you are pacing yourself because part of your strategy is to break away in the last half.
You watch the back of the leader of the pack.
You’re at the half-way point and now it starts to feel harder, you can feel the burn in your legs and your lungs, but it’s not stopping you – you can deal with it. You put it to the side while you focus.
Ok you are starting to make your move, focusing on the back of the person at the front.
You start to pick up speed, you can feel the wind in your face. You can hear the blood pounding in your ears. You are making your way to the front of the pack and are directly behind the leader, catching their draft.
You know you’ve got this. You start to sprint the last 100m and you can see yourself catching up to the person in front, you are their side and then you are overtaking. Can you hear the yells of your team mates and your trainers urging you on?
Can you feel the wind in your face can you see the finishing line? You know you’ve got it…and you’ve got it!
How good does it feel???

By the end of it, your heart should be beating like crazy! You almost feel like jumping out of your chair and running! And it all it took was a few minutes of really getting involved with the vision.

Example No.2: You want to achieve the body of your dreams.
So let’s put you in an environment where you are showing off your lean, toned body.
Is it summer and you’re walking down the street? Are you with your besties or walking alone to the shops?
What can you smell? The smell of summer, coffee, flowers?
What noises do you hear? The traffic? Sounds of people in the cafes as you walk past?
How are you feeling? Confident? Walking tall, head held high, posture beautiful and straight, showing off your body to its best effect.
What are you wearing? A summer dress? Leggings and a crop top having just finished your workout half an hour ago?
Can you see people in the cafes turning their heads to watch you walk past?

And how does that make you feel? If feels good, doesn’t it?

Spend a few minutes every day doing this visualisation to help you stay on track and moving towards your goal. You feeling this way is only a matter of time. Use your vision board to help you.

The point of all this is by tricking your unconscious mind into believing it’s real means that you unconsciously start to do what you see in your visualisations. Visualising your perfect body means that you unconsciously do the things that a person with the perfect body would be doing. Eating well, exercising, staying consistent in their efforts, and prioritising time for your body.

Below listen to Jim Carrey and how he used visualisation to help him achieve success:



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