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How To Have An Awesome Workout

bad workout

Everyone has had a bad workout, for some it is just a one-off but for others it can be ongoing and therefore very demotivating. It can stem from low energy levels, stress, demotivation, or just not feeling 100%. When this happens often our results falter which is the worst thing. The aim is to be hitting every single class or training session with full determination and energy. So here are some ways to help you stay on top of your workouts:

Warm Up
The warm up is like a pump up. It can get you in the mood and pumped to exercise. When you start to stretch and get ready, this is your body telling your mind it is time to get ready for exercise. Plus warming up loosens the body so that it is warm, responsive and ready for anything. This reduces your chance of injury. So never skip the warm up!

Take a Pre-workout
If you need a boost of energy before you train, then you need a pre-workout. The extra energy will help you have a great workout by giving you the energy to push harder and run faster. Don’t take anything that is packed with too much sugar like red bull and monster energy, but rather have a cup of coffee or a scoop of pre-workout powder 1 hour before you strart training.

Keep Hydrated
Dehydration can reduce your energy and concentration levels leaving your feeling tired and demotivated. If you are training regularily then you need to be drinking at least 3 L of water per day. Forget the water fountain but always keep a bottle of water with you in your gym back, in the car, by your bed and on your desk.

Get Motivated
Staying motivated to train is the hardest part of having an amazing workout. If you train on your own then you should create a workout playlist to keep you pumped while you exercise. You should also try to always train with a partner so that you can both push eachother to train harder. Lastly the BEST thing to do is join a class where everyone is encouraging eachother in a fun and social environment –

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