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Getting Smart With Weight Loss: Body Composition Analysis For The 21st Century

In my Body Transform Challenges I scan the body composition of all participants at the start, middle and end of the program. At first, everyone is uncomfortable with the thought of having their body composition analysed. Of being stared in the face with the glaring black and white truth of their circumstances.
By the end of the program they invariably hail the machine as the best thing ever.

Here’s the thing, getting your body composition assessed means you know exactly what is happening to your body as you progress through your weight loss journey.
Focusing on the scale weight is dangerous and not smart at all. Time and time again I have witnessed challengers getting on the scales only to see that their weight has stayed the same in spite of their best efforts to reduce it and then feeling terribly low because of that.

I then get them on the scanner and what do you know? They’ve gained lean muscle and lost body fat meaning they now have a reduced body fat percentage which is not reflected on the bathroom scales. Then they are all smiles again. Just as well, because feeling low can totally derail your weight loss efforts and what a shame that would be, when all along you were on your way to great results but just didn’t know it.

Imagine losing 6kg but 3kg of that was lean muscle. Is that good? No, it’s not good. It’s really bad actually. Losing muscle tissue is the worst thing you could do. Losing muscle permanently reduces your basal metabolic rate, the rate at which you burn calories at rest, meaning you then need to eat even less to continue losing weight.

Having an accurate machine such as the InBody 570 – top of the range in bioelectrical impedence analysis – to properly assess progress means you can catch any loss of muscle tissue before it gets out of hand. You typically see a loss of muscle tissue when cutting back on calories too much or not doing enough resistance training. Catching it early means we can get you on to more resistance training and/or up your calories if necessary.

It’s all very scientific and so it should be. You take an action then get a result, then you tweak the program accordingly. You can track and measure your progress with accuracy. Now you are no longer guessing about what is happening to your body, you know what it is happening to your body.

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