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Disconnect To Reconnect – 4 Ways To Digital Detox

For many of us the thought of forgetting our smartphones at home or worse losing them altogether is a cause for major panic and distress. Chances are, if you’re reading this on your smartphone…you probably need a digital detox.

Not convinced? Try answering the following questions:

Do you look at your phone first thing in the morning ?
Do you look at your phone last thing at night ?
Do you ever go through a day without being on a phone, computer, or mobile device?
Does your partner ever complain about how much you’re on your phone?
Does it kill you to be somewhere where you can’t check your phone?

If you’ve answered YES to at least 3 of these questions, then yep you need a digital detox!

Although we could all benefit from a digital detox, it’s not necessarily an easy thing to do. So much of our lives are lived connected to these sleek and slim portable supercomputers that it’s almost impossible to imagine we could survive without them even for a day.

Pharmacist turned Trainer and Body Transformations Coach Laska Varkaris says “it’s no surprise that constant exposure to digital technology has repercussions on our mental, emotional and physical well-being. We could all benefit from a digital detox from time to time. Benefits of digital detox include greater productivity, reduction in back and neck pain but also frees up time to allow you to live in the present moment; by focusing on the ‘real world’ you will be available to engage and enjoy face-to-face social interactions.”

Go-To-Tips To Detox

  1. Begin by telling people you know that you are doing a digital detox so they don’t worry about your absence from social media. Plus it also gives you a degree of accountability: if you’ve told everyone you’re doing a detox then that puts a little bit of pressure on you to ensure you follow through with your plans.
  2. Set down some realistic and specific rules for your detox, including establishing a maximum time allowance for use of your digital devices. For example a rule might be that no digital devices are allowed in the bedroom. Instead use a regular old-fashioned alarm clock to wake you in the morning. Without your phone to check social media and your emails while in bed, you’ll fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest.
  3. To help you stick to the rules come up with strategies to cope with situations where you will be tempted to use digital technology. For example, if notifications popping up on your screen are a problem, turn all notifications off. Set your phone to automatically go into do-not-disturb mode during non-viewing times.
  4. Your digital detox will gift you with free time you didn’t know you had! Invest it into looking after your body and health by taking up a fitness program. Laska, owner and trainer at Dynamic Boxing Fitness says: “Boxing for fitness is a fun, interactive workout you can do at your own pace so anyone can join in regardless of fitness level and ability. It’s a fantastic way to lose weight and get in shape, it strengthens your core, tones your muscles and increases your strength and fitness. In our group classes there is a big emphasis on paired teamwork – one partner punches while the other holds focus pads. This provides plenty of opportunity for people to make new friends and broadens the scope for face-to-face social interaction. But it also has major psychological benefits such as stress relief and improving your mood which is just what you need when enduring a digital detox!”

And if you fall off the bandwagon don’t punish yourself and give up on the whole idea of digital detox…you have still made progress. Go back to your goals and reassess to ensure they are realistic and attainable. Make any amendments as necessary and try again.



Pharmacist turned Trainer and Body Transformations Coach Laska Varkaris is the brains behind Dynamic Boxing Fitness, a studio that facilitates people of all ages and ability to get fit and and healthy together in a fun group environment.
Situated within sprawling Macleay Park in North Balwyn, there’s no mirrors and no pretentiousness. Our focus is on fostering a sense of community and building friendships through teamwork because getting fit with friends is so much more fun!

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