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Deadlines Are Your Keys To Fitness Success

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Have you ever thought about losing weight and getting fit in time for spring or for a special event, only to be frustrated when spring has sprung or your special event is nearer than you remember it being?

It’s easy to hide in winter behind bulky winter clothes or say to yourself you still have time, but when the mercury starts climbing or the date for your special event creeps upon you, you start shedding the bulky winter clothes and the weeks fly by and and now there’s no where to hide any more. Spring has sprung or that special date has popped up in your calendar. All of a sudden we are questioning ourselves:  “Why didn’t I start working out weeks ago?”,  “If only I had started sooner!”

Set a deadline – have no regrets

It is time to set a deadline and start NOW. Deadlines are powerful motivators. Without a deadline, you really have no starting point for which to work toward. You have nothing propelling you forward toward your goal.

We need to be pushed. 


  • There is a sense of urgency when you set an unshakable deadline.
  • They put in a position for you to succeed (that final date will always be there staring back at you).
  • It forces you to prioritise your time and energy.
  • There’s no room for putting things off until tomorrow comes or letting things slide.
  • Tomorrow never comes without a deadline – a date to get things done by.

Time to shake things up

Ask yourself this question:  If I keep doing what I am doing right now, will I achieve what I want to achieve?  If your answer is no, then it’s time to something different. Shake things up, do things differently and push yourself.

  • Get your calendar out.
  • Set your deadline date.
  • Decide when you want to see your first lot of results.
  • Be realistic:  Make sure you give yourself time to really see some changes.
  • Challenge yourself. Make it a little tough so you can take full advantage of the power of urgency.
  • What exercise are you going to commit to doing on a weekly basis? How man times a week will you exercise?
  • What food preparation are you going to do? Get a shopping list going.

Prevent your deadline creeping up on you:  get competitive

Why a deadline may not be enough?  You may be tempted to move it.  Deadlines are not designed to be moved!

The best way to prevent your deadline creeping up on you is to get competitive.

  • Enter yourself into a competition or contest. This will give you the edge you need to keep yourself on track.
  • Knowing that your effort and results are going to be measured alongside others really will give you an extra boost in motivation.
  • A little peer pressure is useful!  Those with whom you are in competition with will also be your biggest allies:  they will be there to encourage you to keep moving, they know what your going through.

Deadlines and competitions are the perfect combination to guarantee your fitness success: put them to work for you!  Spring or your special event is close enough to give you a push, but still far enough away to give yourself enough time to get some serious work done.  Plan now to greet spring or your special event with no regrets!

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