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8 Week Body Transform Fat Loss Challenge

Lose 10kg In 8 Weeks!

Next Wave Kicks Off October 5

Break the cycle once and for all!


Imagine just being able to throw on whatever clothes you wanted and not feel self-conscious about the way you look. To not dread going out in public, or having to face that uncomfortable shopping trip for a new outfit. How good would it be to instead feel excited about upcoming social events and look forward to the family weekend away at the beach?

This challenge is all about giving you back your confidence.

At the end of this challenge you will not only look and feel better than ever, but you will learn how to stay that way for life. So every time you go shopping, you’ll always find clothes that you look and feel great in and best of all you will get back your confidence so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

The Body Transform Weight Loss Challenge in Melbourne is a Face-To-Face 8 Week Intensive Training and Education Program developed specifically to help you lose weight safely and form the healthy habits that will keep it off permanently.


In my experience successful weight loss is so much more than just following a diet plan and ‘pounding the pavement’. It’s about developing an understanding about how food affects your weight and changing the way you think about lifelong nutrition. It’s about helping you change your mindset about exercise from “I have to exercise to burn calories” to “I exercise because I love it”. And it’s about helping you develop key habits to ensure that you keep your weight loss results long-term.

This is The Body Transform difference.

Our Body Transform Weight Loss Challenges in Melbourne are so successful because we provide the 3 Critical Elements To Success that no other program can offer:

  1. Accountability In Spades
    The Body Transform Weight Loss Challenge offers an unprecedented level of accountability. You’ll see me all the time: at your weekly weigh-ins and regular consultations, boxing and challenger training, and I’ll be chatting with you regularly within the Dynamic 8 Week Transformations Support Group. You’ll get accountability from your fellow challengers too because they’ll be in your classes training with you, encouraging you and giving you the additional support you need to achieve your weight loss goals.
  2. Nutrition Coaching
    “Know the WHY so you are more likely to DO”.
    Nutrition coaching is provided at every consultation throughout the challenge, and the Nutrition For Weight Loss Seminar is rated by almost every challenger as being one of the most useful components of the challenge.
    Nutrition coaching is so important because if you understand why you need to eat a certain way or why you need to replace certain foods with better choices, then you are more likely to make the changes necessary to lose weight and keep it off. By the end of the challenge, eating well becomes a habit so you never ever put on unwanted kilos again.
  3. Fun And Effective Workouts
    At Dynamic Boxing the workouts are so much fun! Training hard is easy when you’ve got the support of your challenger buddies and you’re enjoying a wide variety of exciting activities. You’ll feel amazing after…and of course, the weight loss results over 8 weeks are dramatic!

The bottom line is that the Body Transform Challenge is a fantastic weight loss program underpinned by sound nutritional and training principles that has helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off long term. It will do the same for you.

So don’t be this person anymore:

  • On the diet/exercise “roller coaster” where you constantly lose and gain weight in a never-ending struggle
  • Starving yourself on the latest fad diets but never losing more than a few kilos
  • Wasting money on online or other “do-it-yourself” fitness programs that never work
  • Killing yourself at the gym but never “getting anywhere”
  • Training in busy franchise gyms where no one seems to care if you’re there or not
  • Feeling self-conscious whenever you go out in public

Instead put yourself in the expert hands of Laska Varkaris and her team at Dynamic Boxing Fitness. It’s the differences in our program that makes the Body Transform Weight Loss Challenge so successful:

Fat Loss Formula Dynamic Boxing Fitness Weight Loss Center Supplements and Pills Exercising On Your Own Fitness Center or Gym
Face to Face Accountabilityy Occasionally No No No
Encouragement and Motivation Maybe No No No
Comprehensive Nutrition Education Maybe No No No
Firm, Toned Muscles No No Maybe Maybe
Increased Metabolism No Maybe No Maybe
Fun and Effective No No Maybe Fun No, Effective Maybe
Lifelong Healthy Habits No No Maybe No

Here are only some of the amazing benefits our challengers see after just 8 weeks:

  • 3-5% reduction in body fat
  • 25% improvement in strength & fitness
  • Improved posture
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • 4-10 cm loss around midsection
  • Shed fat and unwanted kilos— permanently!
  • Wake up your metabolism so your body burns fat even at rest
  • Sleep better and stop taking sleeping tablets
  • Reduced risk for heart disease, type ii diabetes and other chronic diseases
  • Look great and feel fantastic in just weeks!

At Dynamic Boxing we provide real results for real people, face-to-face. Our members and weight loss challenge participants are locals. We don’t make exaggerated claims or make silly offers and guarantees designed to make you part with your hard earned money like many online programs do.
If you have the desire and the genuine commitment to change, then we at Dynamic have everything you need to lose weight quickly and safely and to keep it off for life. We KNOW our programs work because our members are walking, talking proof.

Read about our successful transformations or better yet, ask our members when you meet them!


The hardest part about losing 26kg was…

Pauline finished the challenge and continued to steadily lose weight, overcoming hurdles such as sugar addiction in the process so that since starting with us 18 months ago she has lost a staggering 26kg!!! Click the video to hear her experience of the Body Transform Challenge.


I had to stop lying to myself about why my clothes weren’t fitting…

Michelle is officially the Body Transform ‘Biggest Loser’ losing an unprecedented 12.3kg over 8 weeks and a whopping 15cm off her waist! Click the video to hear her experience of the Body Transform Challenge.

Click here to read many more Success Stories like these.

Imagine how good it would feel to strip off the extra kilos so that you can just throw on whatever clothes you want, and finally feel confident that you look great in them!

For less than $45 a week, you’ll get access to unprecedented value that is the Body Transform Difference. Here’s what you get:

  • Full Accountability with 1 x 45 minute Initial Consultation AND 8 x weekly Consults with your Challenge mentor and weight loss expert who will analyse your food diary, conduct progress measurements and provide you with personalized information and advice to ensure your success.
  • Before and After Photos so you can clearly see your results
  • “Nutrition for Weight Loss” Seminar to teach you everything you need to know about nutrition for weight loss, general well-being and for optimising athletic performance. The information provided is easy to understand and will set you up for permanent weight loss.
  • Personalized Diet Plans that match your nutritional requirements to optimize weight loss and increase energy expenditure during physical activity.
  • Take Home Workout Plans that you can do anywhere and cost you nothing to help target those problem areas.
  • The Dynamic 8 Week Body Transformations Support Group will give you all the support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals. Share tips and experiences and feel part of the Dynamic Boxing community.
  • Bonus Challenge Training Sessions every Sunday morning at 8am
  • Fitness that is awesome FUN! And when fitness is fun, you are more likely to stick to your exercise program long-term so you get real results and maintain them permanently.
  • Consistent, Measurable Progress towards your ultimate weight loss and fitness goals until they become reality!

But you also get, absolutely FREE:

  • FREE Dynamic Boxing Fitness Food and Exercise Diary valued at $29.95
  • FREE pair of leather, properly padded Boxing Gloves so you can box your way to a new you injury free, valued at $79.95.
  • Unlimited Phone and E-mail access to your trainer for that little bit of extra support when you need it most
  • Uniquely and Most Importantly – Ongoing Support once the challenge is over

Untitled-2 Dear friend,

My name is Laska Varkaris and I’m excited to be your ‘inside connection’ to Dynamic Boxing Fitness’ greatest fitness and health secret…to lose weight, look great and feel fantastic.

I’ve put 20 years as a pharmacist specialising in weight loss, and a decade of experience as a group fitness and personal trainer into my three point approach to weight loss; combining exercise, the most up-to-date diet education, with face-to-face accountability and support. Using my three point approach, I have successfully transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

Why am I telling you this?Because I want you to feel as good as I do. I want to show you how to transform your life as well. Your success will extend to all aspects of your life. You will experience a new-found confidence in how you look and feel. Feeling slim, fit and healthy is so empowering and motivating. I hope this will be the beginning to a whole new journey for you as it has been for so many Dynamic members.Here I am in 2008 – NABBA/WFF International Championships. I won 1st Place in the NABBA Miss Physique Category. If I can do this, I can help ANYONE lose weight!
Read More About Laska Here

An Affordable And Effective Weight Loss Program

Our Body Transform Challenge costs $359 and our Group Boxing Classes membership entitles you to unlimited group boxing classes for only $39 per week.

As valued members of Dynamic Boxing Fitness, you get full access to state-of-the-art boxing fitness training that is guaranteed to achieve permanent weight loss and get you fitter and stronger than you have ever been in your life. Included in your $39 per week Boxing Class Membership are the following:

  • Unlimited Boxing Fitness Classes for Workouts that Transform your Body FAST!
  • Unlimited Face-to-Face Access to the Boxing Fitness Experts. Our highly qualified trainers will do all the motivating for you – all you have to do is show up! At Dynamic Boxing Fitness we know how to smash through fitness plateaus and get you burning maximum calories every single time you train. And you’ll love it!
  • Fitness that is awesome FUN! And when fitness is fun, you are more likely to stick to your exercise program long-term so you get real results and maintain them permanently.
  • Consistent, Measurable Progress towards Your Ultimate Weight Loss and Fitness Goals Until They Become Reality!

So you see… everything you could possibly need to lose weight for good is right at your fingertips!

Your investment for permanent weight loss is:

Body Transform Challenge = $359

Group Boxing Classes = $39 per week unlimited classes, or $220 10 pass card. Participation in classes recommended for best results.

Are you ready to join our weight loss fitness program in Melbourne?

And… Are You Ready To:
Kick fad diets that don’t work and boring workouts to the curb… And get in the best shape of your life right now!
Fit into your skinny jeans
Enjoy new and exciting workouts
Get pushed and motivated to achieve more than you ever thought possible
Stop feeling self conscious about the way you look
Feel and look great in your clothes
Lose up to 10kg in 8 weeks?

If the answer is a resounding “Yes Laska!”, then sign up for the next 8 Week Body Transform Challenge today!

Do you have more questions about the 8 Week Transform Challenge? Click here to send me a message or view our FAQ’s

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