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Body Composition Analysis – Why Do It?

Have you ever had your body composition analysed with the latest state-of-the-art technology? Do you wonder what benefits there are to knowing your body composition?

At Dynamic Boxing we use a $30,000 machine called the InBody 570 to send 3 frequencies of tiny electrical impulses through your body. The different tissues in your body conduct electricity differently and it’s these differences in conductivity that allow the machine to accurately assess:

⇒ How much muscle tissue you have
⇒ How much body fat you have
⇒ Your hydration levels
⇒ Your bone density
⇒ Your visceral fat – the dangerous fat around your internal organs
And many, many more useful parameters.

So how does knowing all this benefit you?

Well, your total body weight on the bathroom scales is almost meaningless. It’s not a good indicator of your overall health because it can’t distinguish the amount of fat or lean muscle your body is fundamentally composed of.

The InBody 570 allows you to regularly monitor your level of body fat and lean muscle so you can gauge how your diet, lifestyle and training regime is influencing your overall body composition.

Your scan results could be the wake-up call you need to finally do something about your health. Or it could be a way for you to stop guessing about how your exercise and nutrition or weight loss program is working for you and actually know how it’s working (or not working!) for you.

⇒ Are you experiencing the ideal scenario of losing body fat, and gaining muscle?
⇒ Could your weight loss program be causing you to lose not just body fat, but lean muscle too – a highly undesirable situation?
⇒ Or even worse, are you becoming fat-skinny? Fat-skinny is when your weight loss is due to loss of muscle tissue whilst your body preserves your fat stores, commonly seen in prolonged fasting and very low calorie weight loss programs.

With InBody body composition analysis, you are now able to track your progress properly and make the necessary changes to your routine that will give you the results you want.

In short, a combination of knowing your body composition plus adding a nutrition and workout plan that helps you shed fat while supporting precious muscle will greatly increase your chances of successful long-term weight loss and greater health.

It’s non-invasive, easy to do and results are obtained in less than one minute! Please view the video below to see exactly how it works:

If you would like to have your body composition analysed, purchase an initial scan and consult and I’ll be in touch right away to schedule your scan. Alternatively, shoot me an email to enquire or call 0421 282 302.

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