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An Answer From Laska: How To Handle Food Issues On Christmas Day

One of the biggest worries I hear at this time of the year is about people’s weight – people worry about how they should handle food during Christmas.

Anyone who’s done my programs knows I’m big on a little bit of food prep and a lot of planning ahead.

But Christmas Day is not the day for tupperware, there’s no food prep for Christmas Day. Relax and enjoy this important day. Part of the happiness of this occasion is enjoying beautiful food with family and friends.

So my advice is do not approach Christmas Day saying you’ll be strong and you won’t eat this and you won’t eat that. If you try to do that, you’ll probably give in to temptation…because you’re human. The problem with giving in to temptation is that it makes you feel like you’ve let yourself down which can lead to not just overeating, but going way overboard.

Then you’ll feel awful the next day…which can then cause you to keep on overeating the next day…and the next. And we do this in part because we feel like a failure and also because we don’t feel so good physically so we seek comfort in even more food, or we take the attitude that I’ve stuffed my program completely so I may as well just keep on eating and then fix the damage New Years.

Let’s not do that, it’s not worth it. Here’s what I want you to do instead.

Give yourself permission to enjoy this day sensibly. Giving yourself permission puts you in control and accepting of the fact that the food offerings won’t be perfect for weight loss, yes you’ll eat more than you normally would, you will eat foods you normally wouldn’t eat, you’ll even eat some sugar.

And it’s fine because you’ve given yourself permission to do that; to enjoy a bit of everything even if it’s not 100% conducive to weight loss. This puts you in control and means the difference between overeating a little versus putting yourself into a food coma because you failed when you tried to be strict on yourself.

Because the day after, you simply go back to your normal nutrition and exercise routine. Christmas is after all just one day. And you are the sum of what you do consistently, not what you do occasionally. It’s ok.

So on Christmas Day, eat your normal mid-morning snack so you’re not absolutely starving by lunchtime. At Christmas lunch, look for the protein and the salad first – that should take up most of your plate, then add small amounts of the ‘sometimes’ foods you most want to eat – the food you’ve been looking forward to all year.

Put all your food on a single plate – no going back for seconds, sit down and eat slowly, savour every mouthful. Make conversation as you eat. Stop eating when you’re full – it is ok to not finish your plate. Go slow with alcohol and make sure there’s a glass of water between drinks.

Don’t take home leftovers. And if Christmas lunch was at your place…then give away all the leftovers!

And finally, don’t be afraid to use the word no! It’s empowering, it really is. Try it this Christmas.

Have a good one guys, Merry Christmas.

Laska Varkaris
Trainer and Weight Loss Coach
Dynamic Boxing Fitness

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