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35 Day Shred Program

An intense 35 day program designed to get you in the leanest shape of your life. It’s strict, it’s tough and it will challenge you in ways you cannot yet imagine, but if you stick to the program you will love the results. It’s a shred program that is designed to reduce your body fat, increase your strength and create visible abs in 35 days. This program is specifically designed for people who are familiar with weight training, and who are around 3 to 5 kilos away from visible abs.


This program is not designed to be continued past the 35 day time-frame. The discipline required, and the training commitment involved is substantial. Over 35 days your resolve will be tested. You will come to know just how strong you are mentally and physically and the lessons learned will be more valuable than you understand right now.


If you are a beginner when it comes to weight training, or if you haven’t done weights in a while, or if you feel like you have more than 5kg to lose, then please check out my Body Transform Challenge.


So how do you know if this program is right for you?

This program is appropriate for you if you are currently engaging in weight training and have access to weight training equipment. Weight training could include:

  1. HIT sessions at Dynamic
  2. Some weights at home. Even a simple pair of dumbbells can create for you an awesome resistance workout that you can do in the privacy of your home at a time that’s convenient for you
  3. Using machines and free weights at the gym. If you know your way around a bench press, then this program is for you!
  4. You are 3-5 kilos away from visible abs. This means you are already at an ideal weight, but wanting to reduce your body fat further to allow your abs, and other muscles, to be out on show
  5. You are ok with a diet plan that is restrictive. There’s no deviation from the plan, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol whatsoever, you can’t eat out and if you love your carbs forget it!
  6. You are willing and able to do a minimum of 3 weight training sessions per week plus 1 hour of power-walking daily, either first thing in the morning before breakfast or immediately after dinner.


The upside of all this hard work is that it’s only for 35 days, at the end of which you’ll look and feel amazing!

If you have any doubts or concerns whatsoever, then the best thing is to call 0475 269 464 or fill out the contact form with your query and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to help you decide whether this program is for you.


Your investment for getting lean and mean is only $197

This program is packed with value so you can focus on…getting shredded!


Here’s what’s included:


  1. Initial Consultation and Regular Weekly Weigh-Ins
  2. Diet Plan
  3. Individualised Workout Programs to burn fat fast and build precious lean muscle!
  4. Before and After In Body Composition Analysis Scans and Photos and so you can see your fantastic results INSIDE and OUT
  5. Unlimited Support from your SHRED mentor



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