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10 Awesome Reasons To Start A Health And Fitness Diary Today

Have you ever had a health or fitness goal that you have just not been able to achieve even though you really want to? Starting and stopping all the time. Thinking about it but never getting around to getting it done. Sometimes when we embark on a new challenge, we don’t know how to start the process or how to track any progress in the right direction. Research suggests that if you write down your goals and plan your intentions you will have a much better chance of achieving any goal you set for yourself. With health and fitness, it is often the subtle changes that can make all the difference. Keeping a journal of your food and exercise can bring to light daily habits that are not always obvious. Physically writing it all down can shed the light that is most needed to help identify the changes that are required to get you on track and to stay on track towards the goal at hand.

So, get serious about your health and fitness goals…

Here are my 10 Awesome Reasons To Start A Health And Fitness Diary Today:

  1. Keeps you accountable: Keeping a journal of your exercise and food keeps you accountable to your decisions during the day. Diarising when you will work out and what workout you do, will keep you on track. Having to include all the food you consume in a day will make you more aware of your calorie intake, helping you to make better food choices that help you to achieve your goals.
  2. Shows you your habits: It is easy to forget what we do from one day to the next. Keeping a journal can show surprising habits you didn’t even know you had. It’s much easier to correct a bad habit if you know you have one.
  3. Makes your goals seem more real: Write it down, get it out of your head and onto paper where you can see it. Make it real. For some people just the act of committing to paper their intentions can bring about enormous changes in their level of commitment to their intended goals.
  4. Helps you see what is working: It’s a great feeling to see the results of all your effort and the progress you gain by being specific and in control of what you eat and when you train. Seeing a good day versus a bad day, in black and white, makes all the effort worthwhile. Having this data to work with you are able to fine tune your days to gain the best possible results for any health and fitness goal you have.
  5. Helps you see what is not working: You may not realise that there are certain days that you tend to skip workouts more than others. When you see patterns arise you can be more prepared for them or you can simply adjust your plan to fit your circumstances. If you find that you continually skip your workout on Thursday’s, then you might choose Thursday as your rest day instead of the rest day you have currently in place. Are there regular times where you go in search of highly processed salty or sweet foods and what are they? It might be time to ban them from your shopping trolley so they are not in your home where you can easily access them.
  6. Shows you are serious about your goals and fitness: When we are serious about anything in life we tend to make plans, write lists of things that need to be done and by what time etc. Planning your health and fitness is no different to planning what you are going to do at work for the day, it’s just most of us don’t see it in those terms until we get serious about it.
  7. Helps you keep track of your workouts: Looking back over your diary, you will soon get a clear picture of the workouts you have completed, how you felt afterwards and any progress you gained in any given time frame. This insight can help you find any weaknesses in your training that requires more attention.
  8. Helps you to keep track of your food: This can be an eye-opener to anyone who has never kept track of their food intake before. Planning your food is the same as planning your daily activities and scheduling your workouts. Preparing food for the next day can have a huge impact on your food choices during the day. It can show you patterns of emotional eating or binge eating you did not know existed therefore giving you the ability to make positive changes quickly.
  9. Helps track your progress: When you have a written document for your workouts and food intake, you can quickly see the progress you have made from one week to the next. Seeing progress by breaking bad habits and upping the ante with your workouts will only make your journey that much more rewarding.
  10. Helps to keep you motivated: There is no better feeling than the feeling you get when you see how far you have come. When your motivation wanes, looking back on your progress helps you see all your milestones, all there in one spot, egging you on to keep going.

Give it a go. Pen your progress into your health and fitness diary and you’ll be rapt as you start kicking goals!

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